Stressless Saga | High Back

Stressless Saga High Back 2s | 3s

 Stressless Saga(L) 3s High  W91.25" X H40.25" X D33.5" | Seat Height 21.75"

Stressless Saga(L) 2s High  W66.25" X H40.25" X D33.5" | Seat Height 21.75"

Embracing comfort in a retro-modern look. The soft shape and inviting cushioning are what gives the Stressless Saga its mark. Choose between cushions with or without buttons; with you get a distinct retro-modern sofa, without the buttons you suddenly have a chameleon that easily blends into most interiors. The armrests reaches all the way down to the floor and the soft overlying duvet is pleasant to lean on or rest your head against. The sofa comes in a high back and a low back version, of course with individually adjustable seats to fit your personal desires.